Crypto payment processing

Start accepting Crypto & Fiat payments now!

We provide Crypto/Fiat processing as a third-party service. We give a complete standalone ecosystem including: Fiat gateways, KYC/AML, Crypto wallets, Crypto exchange platform. You’ll get funds in any form you need and where you need them!

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Accept mass deposits in any currency and make mass pay-outs to customers

Zerohub Crypto Payment Processing is the all-in-one monetization platform that maximizes your revenues and makes global digital sales easier.

Convenient for any business model:

  • Payment services
  • Forex and other brokers
  • E-commerce companies
  • High-risk businesses
  • Advertising platforms

Zerohub will remove all the headaches associated with the acceptance and the conversion of crypto currencies.

Main features

Fiat-to-Crypto money-in

Invoice Builder

Fast settlement

Crypto-to-Fiat money-out

Shopping Cart Plugins

POS Interface

Multi-Coin Wallet

Merchant API

KYC/AML service

Instant conversion & Fast settlement

Multifunctional back office & reports

No Fraud or Chargebacks in crypto by default

Some facts about Zerohub crypto payments processing you’ll enjoy:


Payments with Zerohub will be processed 24/7, no breaks, no holidays.

Low fees

Optimize your cash flow, save on money transfers, pay truely low fees.


2-FA; Protection from DDoS attacks and SQL injections; Hot & Cold wallets support.


No room for doubt or hesitation. All operations are auditable.


Suitable for any transaction volumes, quantities and frequencies.


Configurability and automation are included in the architecture, making the platform extremely adaptable.

How it works

A customer visits your website and wants to buy your product or service

User clicks "Pay / Deposit Account" and goes to a payment page

User enters a billing
amount and card details

The system verifies the payer and confirms the payment

Fiat is automatically converted to the crypto of your choice

Cryptocurrency is transferred to your wallet and a client gets the confirmation

Start accepting payments in any form

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