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Crypto finance is still a very young and growing area. They have no ready-made solutions for many business needs so far. But we can implement your ideas and create custom solution for your purpose. New challenges inspire us.

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Whatever you come up with, we can make it happen!

You have a detailed plan or just an idea? You want to create something completely new or merely improve your current product? Everything is possible in the digital World!  It's just a matter of time and other resources. We help you to manage resources in the most efficient way. As the result, you will get the top quality product.

Five steps to excellence

The creation of any digital product consists of five main stages. Every stage has its own predictable outcome with its own tangible value. Even after the fist phase you will get a valuable product, which you can use not only for further steps, but as a stand alone tool.


Evaluating your task is always the fist step. We are not just sceening your request, but we explore the business environment, examine needs of your customers, analyze the market and assess benchmarks. So you and our team will be equipped with all the necessary information to start planning.


Specification of functional/non-functional requirements and constraints

Planning & Design

Basing on your vision and our research, we create a concept model of the project, design the graphic interface and the structure of the code. We create all the documents that the development team needs for a flawless product execution.


Information Architecture, User Journey, Wireframs, Prototypes, Content Strategy, UI/UX Design,  Product Roadmap, Deliverables list, API specs


Thanks to the best practices of Continuous Integration, you will see incremental upgrades of working product throughout an engineering phase. On this stage we do not just create the product itself, but also implement integration with all the necessary external services.


As a result, you will get a complete product with all the functionalities described in the specification.


The main part of necessary tests is carried out at the
stage of engineering. The final product is tested not only by internal experts, but also by external users. The entire code is obligatory audited. Any identified deviations from the technical specifications are eliminated by us at our own expenses.


Fully tested finished product and its source code.


Software product is an alive substance. It requires constant support and development. There are three types of maintenance options:

  • Get the source code and manage it by yourself
  • Buy a training program for your team and get an assistance in recruting necessary specialists
  • Sign the SLA and we will  povide the maintenance untill your own team is skillful enough to become fully independent.

Each step of this plan is filled with unique elements depending on a nature of the project. Contact us and we will prepare your custom plan with details and deadlines.

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Successful product,
not just a code!

We are not just software developers, we have an extensive experience in managing various fintech projects. We fully understand that to deliver a good code is not enough. It is extremely important to create a strong product that will be accepted by the market and will let our clients to earn ab normal profit.

Why to partner with Zerohub?


We are laser-focused  on crypto finance projects. We are aware of all pitfalls of the industry and we can forcast the specific risks.

All in one

We offer the bundle solution for both existing and unidentified needs of our customers in a single place.


Our expertise has been pointed out by our clients and even rivals, who attracted our skill set, when couldn’t find their own solution.


Polished processes and reliable tools enable us to deliver the result swiftly and cost efficiently.

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Do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will respond to you as soon as possible. You will be amazed by our solutions!

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