ZeroCore is a microservice based trading platform

A reliable turnkey solution that manages digital exchange orders using microservices architecture, providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets. ZeroCore is fast, safe and fully customizable.

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Key facts about ZeroCore

Large range of assets

The matching engine can be configured to work with assets of any type, including Crypto and Fiat currencies, STO, CFD and any derivatives.

Unprecedented security

Every modular is isolated in its own container. Even if an attacker gets inside the system, he can do nothing.

User friendly

Simple and understandable UI in combination with high speed and rich functionality ensure pleasant trading experience for your clients.

Short time to market

ZeroCore is ready-made exchange and trading platform which can be customized and deployed in a couple of weeks.

Fully customizable

Platform can be simply customized to fit any business objectives. If your business logic be changed, ZeroCore could be easily adopted for it.

High throughput

Millions of transactions per second thanks to the Kafka queue system. DDOS attack is not terrible. Stable work at extremely high loads.

ZeroCore main features

For user

  • Advanced charting tools
  • Customisable interface
  • Various order types (market/limit)
  • Convenient analytical tools
  • Inter-account asset transfer (vouchers)
  • Portfolio management
  • Smart notifications
  • Widgets and tickers
  • Aggregated liquidity
  • Security (2FA, SSL with hts, JWT token with client IP validation)

For owner

  • Improved accounting system
  • Well thought backoffice
  • Own KYC & AML Service
  • User session control with browser fingerprint
  • Variety of fiat payment gates
  • Cryptocurrency processing for merchants
  • Helpdesk integration
  • Referral program
  • Aggregated liquidity
  • Cold/warm/hot storage with multi-signature

Architecture based on microservices is a new level of crypto exchange software

Exchange platform is built on the rule-based, distributed, fault tolerant technology, making it highly reliable, scalable, and flexible. Allows fast and straightforward changes in business logic, by amending business rules, decreasing support costs. You can puzzle modulars to get your own infrastructure.

Matching engine

Can perform up to 1,5M TPS and no trading history can be lost at least for a week from the transaction date.

Сrypto wallets

Hot/warm/cold wallets combined with multi-signature service keep your crypto assets safe.

Universal payment gateway

You can easily integrate any crypto and fiat payment service provider, according to your business needs.

KYC Service

Flexible verification logic. You can use automated checks,  screen manually or connect to 3rd party software.

AML expert system

You can monitor and check all incoming and outgoing transactions, avoid risky individual and corporate clients. Be compliant with regulations!

Private and public API

The intuitive API set opens limitless abilities, including asset business logic, payment tools, fee settings, limits, among others.

Back office

Administrative and trading platform with multiple access levels manages all operations. You will scrutinize everything!

Logs and monitoring

All operations are logged, the whole infrastructure is under complete monitoring, accomplished with tracing and profiling in a production.

Websocket service

You’ll get extremely fast data transfers, realtime updates, account events, tickers, etc.

Notification service

A separate service with its own database and API. You inform you clients as you wish.

Liquidity aggregator

Connected to multiple exchanges to fetch and filter out relevant orders, slice and sort best pricing orders, optimize spread.

Cryptocurrancy nodes

All the most popular crypto assets are accesible at the start. Complementary, you can add any new ones easily.

Quick deployment = short time to market

ZeroCore is easy to understand and to operate. As a result, it saves time on an extensive training and administration. Request the demo and try it yourself.

Request demo

Choose the most suitable way to start your own crypto exchange

Simply want to test your audience without significant costs? Or ready to start a full-size independent trading platform? Be sure we have a solution for you. Just select the option, which matches your purpose or contact us to get an advice.


Best for individuals who want to start own crypto business without expirience in this field


Best for incumbent companies who want to start their own independent crypto exchange in a cost-effective manner

Contact us to get your commercial offer

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Ideally suits for brokers, who want to satisfy their audience needs in a crypto trading, fastly and with a small budget

A white-label solution, with limited frontend customization (logo and branding), backend functions provided as is, with paid upgrades and updates.

Digital asset listing limited to available hashing algorithms or per an agreement with the vendor. Liquidity is provided by the vendor.

Subscription includes a regular monthly payment and an one-time setup fee.

A joint venture partnership, where shares are distributed per an initial agreement 5-30%.

All further developments are provided by the vendor. The client is requested to pay an one-time setup fee and to cover all operational costs, while the vendor is responsible for the platform technology as well as for a provision of consultancy services, regarding bank accounts, licenses, and other issues.

A standalone, individual solution with an one-time setup payment. The core and the main components have a binary distribution with open API, allowing you to update and upgrade services, according to your business needs.

The solution is deployed to client’s server infrastructure and includes training for the staff. You can support and mantain the platform by yourself or we can do it for an additional monthly fee. Liquidity can be provided by the vendor or a client.

We provide not just a software but everything you need for a successful start


We are able to host our solution for you or to setup your cloud servers or to deploy it on your own hardware.


Should you require any assistance from us, 24/7 support is just a phone call away.


We provide training programs for the whole business team. As a result, the launching process will be simple and quick. You will be ready to face the most complex challenges!

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